About Us

Soham Enterprises

is a highly professional and progressive concept which helps small, medium and large scale businesses to full-fill complex compliance accounting requirement's as per indian laws. This is a platform managed by account professional's who have commanding experience in the field of accounting. We at Soham Enterprises provides many services for Income Tax, Udyog Aadhaar, Goods & Services tax(GST) & Business Accounting (Tally). We also Specialized in in house business accounting as well as out sourcing for the same.

Our History

2004 -

April 2004 to Feb 2011 job as a accountant with (7 year of experience)

2011 -

After 7 Years of accountant experience, we have started own accounting firm in pune, At the same time we became Associate partner of "Tally solutions"

2013 -

Practice well set in july 2013 with domestic clients,

2016 -

After successful clients portfolio, I had pursued CA IPCC exam upto June 2016.

2018 -

Well set in practice with large number of industrial as well as service sector clients, At the same time we became certified partner of "Tally solutions"